During the First Visit

During your first visit with us at Islington Bloor Dentist, we will perform a clinical exam and take an inventory of the overall health of your mouth and teeth to diagnose potential problems that you may have.

New Patient Exams

During your exam, we will start by checking your face and neck. We do this to look for any abnormalities, such as lumps, bumps or swelling.

Next, we’ll look inside the mouth to check for any abnormalities in your soft tissue, such as discolourations or ulcers on your lips, gums, tongue, palate and cheeks. We will also perform an oral cancer screening with our Velscope and check your bite and your jaw joint for any problems.

Thereafter, we will check your gums and jawbone and look for any signs of gingivitis, gum disease and bone disease.

Once the above issues are taken care of, we will check for cavities and other problems, as well as address any areas where you may be experiencing symptoms or have concerns. If you are interested in any Cosmetic Dentistry procedures, we will discuss all the options available to you at this time as well.

Upon completion of your initial dental exam, a treatment plan will be established and your dentistry will begin.