Dental Hygienists: Your Mouth’s Real Hero - Islington Bloor Dentist - Dr. Roger Avila
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Dental Hygienists: Your Mouth’s Real Hero

Dental Hygienists: Your Mouth’s Real Hero

While I enjoy the thanks I get from patients after a visit, some even heaping praise and gratitude for a transformed smile, our dental hygienists play a massive role in helping to ensure that those smiles stay as bright and white as possible. Often the first people you see, especially for new patients, they truly are heroes to the people we’re glad to call our clients.

They’re basically the first line of defence at our office. With their knowledge and care, you’ll receive a level of care that extends even beyond your mouth. Based on their findings, they could even recommend treatments that can help you fight off more serious ailments in the long run.

Diseases such as diabetes and heart disease have been linked to poor oral health. With that being the case, finding a good dental hygienist is tantamount to helping you find someone who can help you stay healthy in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

They are also vital in providing you with the advice you need for when you leave. They empower patients by giving them the exact oral care advice they need. Whether it’s to stop smoking, eating sugary foods, or providing you with the basis of what you need to do hygienically each day, they’re the people who help you help yourself when you’re not inside our office.

Every time you enter a dental office for a cleaning, your dental hygienist is essentially giving you the tools needed to maintain a level of health you’re looking for. After all, you wouldn’t visit us if you weren’t looking to have a healthy smile! Be sure to book an appointment with us soon and you’ll see for yourself the importance of having a great hygienist. The impact on your smile in the short-term is obvious; what it can do for you in the long-term you’ll appreciate long into the golden years of your life.